Positive Masculinity

We believe positive masculinity is based on the following transitions:

Immature characteristicsPositive / mature characteristics
Seeks power over others Seeks empowerment but understands that power is to be shared not for the domination of others
Irresponsible Takes responsibility for his own actions
Ruled by emotions Willing and able to express emotions but not rules by them
Avoids  or is overwhelmed by others’ emotions Strives to hold and contain others’ emotional reactions
Self deprecating and critical of others Accepts himself and others
Lacks direction Has a clear and positive role and purpose
Shies away from masculinity and does not respect others Proud to be a man and is respectful of others
Wants to be ‘mothered’ Seeks a relationship with, not control over or to be controlled by the feminine
Selfish Takes account of others’ needs as well as his own
Uncaring Willing to share responsibility for the care of minors, his community and the wider environment